Cold Weather Fuel Issues

Winter has arrived and it brings snow, ice and negative temperatures. During this time of year, many vehicles begin to experience problems. Sometimes there are issues with the tires not having enough traction, other times it’s the battery that dies from the cold­–winter weather has the potential to put your car into a frenzy. However, the cold weather can also impact your fuel. You see, when it gets too cold, the fuel has a difficult time flowing. Causing issues with your vehicle. This is one of the most common problems with fuel once the temperature begins to plummet. Here are two common issues with cold weather and fuel.

Fuel Lines Freezing

This issue has nothing to do with the fuel itself, rather than how cold it is. Water can collect in low spots in fuel lines as well as the bottom of the tanks. Once the temperature dips below the freezing point of water–these begin to freeze as well and restrict the flow. If the restriction is too great, the fuel pumps won’t be able to push out the fuel properly. To avoid a gas line freeze up, make sure the gas tank is at least half full at all times.


When the temperature begins to drop, paraffin becomes to come out of the fuel which then makes the fuel appear cloudy. Gelling happens when enough wax emits out of the fuel to make it a dense slush that won’t move. 

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