Surprising Facts About Fuel


Fuel powers transportation, which is vital to move every part of the worldwide economy. As fossil fuel reserves continue to dwindle with every passing day, it becomes vital to conserve fuel, think progressively about tapping into more remote sources and develop alternative energy resources. Here are five surprising facts about fuel.

  1. All fossils fuels come from plant decomposition from millions of years ago, and it all occurred under water. Alaska has the latest untapped resources, but there is a lot of controversy regarding the environmental impacts of exploiting those resources. The ice covering the sea there formed millions of years ago.
  2. Fossil fuels incorporates oil, coal and natural gas. Globally, fossil fuels account for 85 percent of all energy consumed. Nuclear, wind, solar and other energy make up the remainder.
  3. To prospect for oil, scientists have to determine the types of rock that is under the Earth's surface. To do this, they drill down to obtain a core sample. The sample contains strata, or levels, that can be used to determine if plant decomposition has taken place, which indicates the presence of crude oil.
  4. Coal is a rock that can be burned. You have probably seen coal before without wondering how unique this material truly is. Coal runs through layers of harder rock in veins deep beneath the surface of the Earth. In coal mines, miners locate these veins and extract the coal.
  5. To make one liter of gas, 26 tons of raw petroleum is required. Looking at things another way, one light bulb requires 800 pounds of coal to stay lit for a whole year. Further, the natural process of decomposition is extremely slow, but our consumption of fossil fuels for energy is very high and continues to rise every year. At the rate of current consumption, it would take the Earth 422 years to replace what we use in a single year.

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